Strategy Development


The Global Fund Strategy is a multiyear road map for our partnership’s future, setting out priorities for how we can accelerate progress against HIV, tuberculosis and malaria and improve global health. Now over halfway through the Strategy 2017-2022, we have started the process to develop our next strategy, which will begin in 2023.

The COVID-19 pandemic is radically altering global health, politics and economics. The impact on people living with and affected by HIV, TB and malaria and on programs to fight the three diseases will likely be tremendous. The COVID-19 pandemic could derail 20 years of progress against HIV, TB and malaria.

At the same time, it has galvanized public awareness on global health security in a way that builds enormous public support for investing in health. This makes it critically important to develop the next Global Fund Strategy to be highly effective, agile and collaborative.

We must #UniteToFight. To succeed, the next strategy needs the best possible input from across the Global Fund partnership.

6th Partnership Forums

From 2 February to 15 March 2021, approximately 350 representatives from across the Global Fund partnership came together for the 6th Partnership Forums to review input, evidence, and guidance received on strategy development to help identify areas of future focus for the next Global Fund Strategy.

Open Consultation

The Open Consultation serves as a critical input into the Strategy development process. From May 2020 until the end of 2020, stakeholders were encouraged to contribute to the Open Consultation, either through an online form or by email.

Stakeholders were invited to identify the most pressing challenges and opportunities in the fight against the three diseases, in building resilient and sustainable systems for health (RSSH), promoting and protecting human rights and gender and mobilizing resources. Stakeholders were also invited to reflect on how these aims are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and broader changes in the health and development landscape.

The first round of input received by 1 September 2020 came from nearly 250 individuals and groups from a wide range of regions reflecting our Global Partnership. See the synthesis of the first round of input [ download in English | Français ] . The final synthesis of the Open Consultation, will be made available on our webpage by June 2021 and will cover the input received by 1 January 2021.

The input received through the Open Consultation is already informing Global Fund Strategy Committee and Board discussions and has fed into the background materials for discussion at the Partnership Forums.

Helpful resources

Many resources are available to help you meaningfully contribute to the next Global Fund Strategy. We encourage you to review materials in our Global Fund and Partner Resources.

Landscaping analyses and key performance indicator lessons are available to provide an overview of progress, challenges and opportunities in the fight against the three diseases. The indicators give an overview of lessons from strategic performance reporting on the current strategy.

  • Landscaping analyses and key performance indicator lessons