C19RM Procurement Progress Reporting Template

18 June 2021

The C19RM Procurement Progress Reporting Template [ download in English ] is designed to enable Principal Recipients to report information to the Global Fund Secretariat on: a) Strategic; b) Mainstream; and c) Local Sourcing Advised with Enhanced reporting health products financed with C19RM funds and procured outside the Global Fund’s Pooled Procurement Mechanism.

The new template captures information on award of contracts by implementers and fulfillment of delivery by suppliers under the approved purchased orders, which will help in consolidated reporting to the Global Fund Board.

The template can be used by Principal Recipients to centralize information on key C19RM-financed procurements and to monitor delivery timelines to ensure the timely supply of health products to the countries to help in their national COVID-19 responses.

The template has four worksheets with necessary instructions, scope of product required for reporting, a filled example and the template to be filled and submitted to the Global Fund by the designated dates.
The reporting timelines for these products are set out in the C19RM Guidelines [ download in English | Español | Français ] .