Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is a critical component of a country’s effective emergency response to COVID-19. Principal Recipients with current Global Fund grants and approved funding can access quality-assured health products such as PPE through, the Global Fund’s procurement tool.

Principal Recipients are required to procure PPE and oxygen equipment, consistent with World Health Organization guidance, using but can continue using local channels under certain conditions described below, after consultations with Global Fund Country Teams.

PPE in the Response Mechanism

Further information is available in the COVID-19 Response Mechanism Technical Information Note [ download in English | Español | Français ] and the COVID-19 Response Mechanism Guidelines [ download in English | Español | Français ] .

Read our materials for the latest information on procuring personal protective equipment:

  • COVID-19 Key Personal Protective Equipment: Frequently Asked Questions
    download in English
  • PPM Reference Price List for Personal Protective Equipment
    download in English
  • Technical Specification of iPlus’ Supplied PPE Products
    download in English
  • List of ‘optimal’ health products, including PPE, available through the C19RM Fast-Track
    download in English | Español | Français

Lead times

Currently, if Principal Recipients and Global Fund requisition approvals are done within as fast as one week, the lead time, including production, freight and importation greenlight, for key personal protective equipment products is currently estimated to be one to three months by air and approximately three to five months by sea freight, from receipt of request to delivery in country. Countries with complex importation approvals or lengthy greenlight processes should add additional time. Principal Recipients should consider a mix of air and sea freight to optimize speed and freight cost.

Principal Recipients can browse the catalog of currently available core personal protective equipment products in The most up-to-date lead time information can be found in:

  • Category and Product-Level Procurement and Delivery Planning Guide: Indicative Lead Times
    download in English | Français

The Global Fund encourages Principal Recipients to place orders as early as possible to avoid disruption in supply. Ongoing freight and logistics challenges during COVID-19 are resulting in substantial delays and cost increases.

For Principal Recipients using

Principal Recipients are strongly encouraged to use, and to include personal product equipment products in their COVID-19 Response Mechanism funding requests. Principal Recipients currently procuring through the Pooled Procurement Mechanism can use approved COVID-19 Response Mechanism funds to purchase these products directly through using the normal process.

For Principal Recipients currently not using

Principal Recipients not currently participating in the Global Fund’s Pooled Procurement Mechanism will need to complete the necessary on-boarding forms to begin procuring through and should reach out to , copying their Country Team, to begin the on-boarding process.